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This week is Science week. Pearl class topic is sound. It has certainly been a noisy one! We have been listening to sounds in the playground and discussing how different noises have a variety of tones and pitches. We have investigated how distance affects the volume of the sounds that we hear and conducted a variety of experiments to establish how solids, liquids and gases make an impact on what we hear. Using role play we have been acting out the process of how sounds travel, much to the amusement of anyone passing by our classroom! The noisiest lesson of the week can be heard on our videoclip! Mr Worth was bemused by the whole experience when he popped in! We were trying out different instruments to answer our Big Question for Science Week - What would be the best instrument for Beowulf to warn the villagers of Heorot that Grendel is coming? We had a lot of fun with the boomwackers!!
 We are conducting a DT project to make our own instruments and Mr Worth is coming in to judge our creations to decide our prize winner!

What a noise!!!

Still image for this video
Here are pearl class are making their loud sounds. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. The video does not do the noise any justice whatsoever.
​Below are pictures of pearl class as they start to create their musical instrument... there was lots of mess, noise and fun. Stay tuned for our finished results.