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As a class we have been exploring the book Beowulf.  Each child has the chance to read extracts  from the story to the rest of their group.

As a school we ask children to read every evening. This helps with many things even boosting confidence and improving vocabulary. Pearl  Class will be getting rewarded for the amount that they read (this is explained on the achievements page).  We also read independently  in class as you  can see from the pictures.

Dexter the Dragon.

Every Friday our class 'pet' Dexter decides who he would like to spend the weekend with. It's a big decision! He likes to go to parties, sleepovers, restaurants, shopping and even football matches! Whoever is lucky enough to take him home writes a diary and takes lots of photos to share with the rest of the class on Monday morning.



Picture 1
Dexter has had so much fun coming home with pearl class, he has even made a friend Lambykins. Dexter was very excited to have Lambykins visit him in school for French lunch. This week Dexter had a surprise trip swimming with pearl class.
Picture 1
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