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Curriculum Overview

Aspire, Believe, Care



Ditton Church of England Junior School is incredibly passionate about ensuring that our children have a lively, interesting and fulfilling curriculum which builds on skills and knowledge.



The breadth of our curriculum is designed with three goals in mind: 

  1. To give pupils appropriate experiences to develop as confident, responsible citizens; 
  2. To provide a rich ‘cultural capital’; 
  3. To provide a coherent, structured, academic curriculum that leads to sustained mastery for all and a greater depth of understanding for those who are capable, with a clear grasp of powerful knowledge


1. Appropriate Experiences

We have developed four curriculum drivers that shape our curriculum, bring about the aims and values of our school and to respond to the particular needs of our community:



which prepares our pupils to be global citizens by exposing them to people with disabilities, those from different cultures and social groups, allowing our pupils to be empathetic to the experience of others.




which helps pupils to have the confidence to explore, investigate and immerse themselves in their learning.



recognising and exploring all available opportunities for their future lives to be the best that they can be within all areas



which helps our pupils to become resilient, understanding and to be persevering individuals in all that they do.

Please see the below the information from the Quigley essentials curriculum, which shapes our thinking and our key curriculum principles.