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Core Christian Values

Aspire, Believe, Care

We have five key values that we teach to our children. These all link back to our main story, Luke 19 1:10.

Compassion Love Perseverance Respect Responsibility

These values are important to the whole school community and support our approach to all aspects of education and the school day. 


We can see all of our values within the story of Zaccheaus in Luke 19 v 1-10

Respect – Zaccheaus had respect for Jesus. He had heard good things about this man and wanted to see him for himself. He wanted to hear Jesus and listen to what he had to say.

Perseverance – Zaccheaus was short and couldn’t see above the taller people in the crowd. He could have given up and gone home thinking there was no point in trying to see Jesus because he just couldn’t see. But instead, he ran ahead and climbed a tree, so he had a good view. He persevered, looked at a different way to face the challenge ahead of him and was rewarded by a good view of Jesus.

Love and Compassion – Jesus showed love and compassion towards Zaccheaus and befriended him.

Responsibility – Zaccheaus was truly changed by meeting Jesus. When he experienced the love and compassion that Jesus gave to him, he felt empathy for those people he had stolen from and been unkind to. He felt a responsibility to put things right and promised to give all he had stolen back and also gave some of his wealth to help the poor.