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Well, they were a long time coming, but now SATs week is over. Many of the year group enjoyed breakfast club which enabled the children to "chill" with their friends before sitting their tests. Needless to say, all concerned are very relieved that they are now over. However, we still have lots to do before the end of the year and we know we can count on your continued support as we carry on working to make sure your children are as ready as they can be before they head off to pastures new. We also have PGL coming up and we are looking forward to working with the children in a different environment. Also, we have to prepare for the Year 6 production. Watch this space for more details re what we will be doing. Rehearsals will begin in earnest once we are back from our week away. 

Please remember we are here to support you in any way we can and if you have any concerns don't hesitate to come and see one of us.

The Year 6 Team

SATs Week - 8th March - 11th March 2017


As you are no doubt aware, next week the children of Year Six will be sitting their End of Key Stage SATs in Reading, SPaG and Maths. We know this week can be a stressful time for your children, and as a Year Six staff we are on hand to help out in any way we can.


SATs are a necessary part of Year Six, and key for transition from Primary to Secondary school, but we are all aware that they don't in any way provide a whole picture of your child. SATs don't show everything that the loving, caring, responsible, friendly, fun and enthusiastic children in Year Six have to offer, but they provide a key benchmark for transition and ongoing assessment. We are set on ensuring that your children are as prepared as they can be, and have made sure, over the past few weeks at school, that we have spoken to each of your children and helped them get as prepared as possible.


We all believe that your children are much more than statistics on a page, and there is so much more to discover and share with them. Their SATs scores will not reflect their loyalty, their positivity, their close-knit bonds of friendship, their knowledge of Pokémon, ability with a Fidget Spinner or love of West Ham United. They won't show all the magical little moments we have with them every day, talking about playground games, football and JoJo Bows, or sharing silly nicknames and hair-plaiting competitions. They won't show the incredible storytelling, drawing, cooking, acting, sporting, singing, music and dancing skills your children have, and all the responsible ways they've represented each other, and the school, over the past four years. But they will provide an invaluable academic record to help chart their progress across their time at Ditton and set them in the best stead for September, wherever they may be.


All we ask of you this weekend is that your children get a good, well deserved rest, and arrive at school on Monday morning having had a solid night's sleep and with a readiness to go and do their best. Our breakfast club opens at 8.15, and should allow the children some time to socialise, chill out and prepare themselves readily for the job at hand.


With all best wishes,

Mr Payne, Ms Clancy, Mrs Dennison and Miss Lowery.  

Term Five - April 2017


Welcome back to Term Five. I hope you all had a fantastic and restful Easter Break, and are ready to head back to school with a positive attitude for some final revision before the SATs week begins on May 8th. Today I will be sending home some revision booklets for the Reading Test Paper - it would be much appreciated if you could read through this with your children as a revision aid. If you would like any further information regarding SATs and revision support, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Also, as an additional support for Ms Clancy's literacy set, packs have been put together showing the terminology used in the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) paper as well as some practice questions to use in conjunction with these. Please help your child work through these. If there are any problems associated with any of this, please ask for clarification.



Mr Payne

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Next Week -

Next Week (Week Beginning Monday 27th March) is our Mock SATS week. Year 6 will be undertaking 5 Test Papers in the hall across Monday-Wednesday mornings. This is in order for us to assess their learning so far this year, prepare them for their SATS week in May, and enable us to assess any learning gaps that need to be filled in before their end of Key Stage assessments.


In the afternoons Next Week we will be continuing our Science Block on Electricity. Part of this unit covers Design Technology objectives in model making, for which it would be very much appreciated if your child could bring in a cereal box or piece of sturdy cardboard packaging (eg Amazon parcel, side of a cardboard box etc) to use in their project.


Mathletics homework has been set for this weekend, and will be expected to be completed by Thursday 30th March if not before. Some children in Ms Clancy's Maths Set still have incomplete Mathletics from last week which will need to be completed first.


I will send a letter home next week regarding preparation for SATS and homework tasks for the Easter Holidays.



Mr Payne 

Term 4 - SATS Are Coming...

Welcome Back to school for Term 4. I hope you had a lovely half term.

This term is a real pressure zone. SATS are fast approaching, very soon after Easter, so this term will be a busy, intense time in Year Six to help your children to really revise and remember all their learning, so that they are fully prepared for the assessments come May.

We will be undertaking a mock SATS week in the final week of term, in order to ensure that your children are fully comfortable and at ease come their real assessments.

In order to help us out, which we would greatly appreciate, please ensure your children are doing plenty of revision tasks at home. My Maths set have all been given individualised revision books for Maths to come home alongside their reading records every night.

I would also ask that you could monitor your children's use of Mathletics and Homework tasks are regularly being set on both of these, but I am still finding a number of children not completing, or in some cases even attempting, any of their tasks. Mathletics is fully functional on both a laptop, desktop or tablet, and it is a really good resource for your children to use at home to aid their revision in Maths - I know that for some children access to the internet at home can be difficult, so ICT suite sessions in school during lunchtimes are offered should internet use at home be an issue.

I will be contacting individual parents should children persist in not even attempting homework - I know it can be a chore but one of the demands for Secondary Readiness is an understanding of the level of homework that will be coming their way in September. Completing a few Mathletics tasks a week, especially during half terms and holidays, can be of great use as a warm up to this, and is invaluable in the run up to their end of Key Stage Assessments, in order to send them off to their next schools with a great advantage in their learning.  

Should you have any questions about SATS, I will again refer you to the video link further down this page. If you would like any further guidance for your individual child, please do not hesitate in coming in to see me.


Mr Payne


Welcome back to Term 4. Hopefully everyone had a restful break and have come back ready for another period of hard work. I will be uploading some maths tasks on this site to enable the children to practise some of the concepts they are likely to see in the Maths SATs papers. I know you will support your children in working through these. If there are any problems please feel free to drop me a note or pop in after school and we'll try and resolve any issues concerning this. Ms Clancy

Here are some more maths tasks for you to practise. 17.03.17

Here are some more maths tasks for you to practise. 17.03.17 1
Here are some more maths tasks for you to practise. 17.03.17 2
Here are some more maths tasks for you to practise. 17.03.17 3
Here are some more maths tasks for you to practise. 17.03.17 4

2017 Key Stage 2 Tests - SATS Revision -


As the SATS loom ever closer, another opportunity to help your child revise and deepen their learning at home is here. The school has renewed its licence for the website (, a great online resource for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar revision. The SPAG test has been one of the biggest changes in SATS week over the last few years, and the children in Year 6 have been working hard in school to deepen their SPAG knowledge. This website works a little like Mathletics - the children are assigned a task by their teachers, in this case a set of SPAG questions in the style of a test paper, which they need to log into at home and complete. Login details will be shared with children tomorrow (Friday 10th Feb), and their first paper has been assigned for them, which we would like to be completed by the time they return after half term.


Your support with this would be very much appreciated, as we need to work together to ensure your children are as prepared as possible for their SATS in May.

Thanks very much for all your help,

Mr Payne and Ms Clancy.

Check out the mathletics site also for some more tasks based on what we have been doing recently. Enjoy your half term and we will see you all rested and raring to go on the SATs countdown after your week off.

Mr P and Ms C

2017 Key Stage 2 Tests - Key Information

A number of parents we spoke to this week at consultations were interested in further information about how the SATS in May work. I'll keep this page updated with various bits and bobs over the next few months, but to start off, here is a helpful video a colleague at another school has made, which gives a good overview of how the tests lay out.

Term 3 - January 2017


Welcome back to the Spring Term! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break, and are ready and refreshed for a new term. I look forward to seeing you all at the Parent Consultations in the coming weeks, where we will talk all things progress, learning behaviours and SATS preparation.

This term we will be focussing on World War II, which will link through our topic work into our Literacy, where we will begin by looking at Michelle Magorian's Goodnight Mr Tom. This term's homework project will be shared at the end of the month, and we will continue to use Mathletics and the newly available Accelerated Reader and for ongoing homework tasks.

Please make sure that your children are continuing to practice their times tables, maths skills and spellings at home, as well as continuing to read as often as possible. One of the most pressurised aspects of the SATS is the reading paper, which involves the children being able to read at a very fast pace. The more practice they can do at home therefore, the better. Thank you for your support in this.

With all best wishes for 2017

Mr Payne


Fantastic Homework from the Year 6 classes

Fantastic Homework from the Year 6 classes 1
Ms Clancy's maths set has some Mathletics tasks to complete over the weekend. I will look on Tuesday 31st January.

​Mr Payne's Maths Set:


​Your Children have brought home a Mental Maths revision page, personalised to them. It would be really helpful if this could be stuck up somewhere around the house after Christmas, to help them to revise their Maths skills regularly and keep improving their scores in Mental Maths Tests.

Thank you!

Mr P


Christmas Party!


​Year 6's Christmas Party 2016 will be taking place on the afternoon of Wednesday 14th December. As part of this event, we will be sharing a buffet together. The PTA are kindly providing drinks for the event, and the children are kindly asked to each provide a snack to share. Your children have all chosen their item to share, and have come home today with their choice written in their Home School Record. Many thanks in advance for your generous donation.

Mr Payne


More Science

More Science 1
More Science 2

Science Week - Micro-Organisms


This week, Sapphire Class have been learning all about different Micro-Organisms and their uses. We have been experimenting with Yeast to discover how it responds to different conditions. Here are some photos of our investigative skills. 


Homework - Charles Dickens - 16.11.16

Please research and compile an interesting presentation about the life and works of Charles Dickens. Be prepared to share your work, which can be completed in any format. Include in your presentation a summary of one of his books, explaining why it is relevant to the place and period of time in which Dickens lived.

​With your work, we would also like you to provide a Bibliography, showing a list of the books or websites you have used in your research. Remember, we would like you to entertain as well as inform your audience.

Due in Tuesday 12th December


More Victorian Homework

More Victorian Homework  1
More Victorian Homework  2
More Victorian Homework  3
More Victorian Homework  4

Victorian Homework

Victorian Homework 1
Victorian Homework 2
Victorian Homework 3
Well done to all those who made a huge effort with their homework. We've seen posters, models, booklets, all completed to a very high standard. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be enjoying the rest of the presentations. Those who have already shared their work were very nervous presenting to the whole year group, but did a good job. Photos of the finished work will be uploaded shortly so you can see the efforts the children made. Thankyou for any support you gave your child in this, it's great preparation for presenting projects of this kind in secondary school; many children named parents and grandparents as sources of information. More homework projects of this type are planned throughout the year and we hope the children will build on what they have achieved so far, as well as taking ideas from work completed by others, which can be incorporated in their next project.

Victorian Homework 07.10.16


Please research the family tree of Queen Victoria, showing how she links with Queen Elizabeth II. Be prepared to present your work to the rest of the class, using whichever format you'd like. 

Completed work should be brought to school on Tuesday 1st November

Welcome to Sapphire Class!


​Welcome to Year Six! We have a very busy, hard-working and rewarding year ahead of us, so remember to always try your best, listen to instructions carefully and take responsibility for managing your learning well both in the classroom and at home!

This term we will be looking at the Victorian Era in History, and linking this to some of our focus texts in Literacy. There will be spellings to practice every week, and I am expecting everyone to read at home, and to discuss their reading with those around them. Homework tasks will be set in class, with reminders going up on this page when necessary. This page will be updated across the year with pictures and updates of what's going on in and around School.