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Year 5 – Emerald

Welcome to Emerald Class and Year 5. You will be able to find out what we are doing in class by logging on to this page.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are feeling refreshed, ready for Term 5!  In English, the book we will be studying is 'The Kite Rider' by Geraldine McCaughrean.  It is set in Ancient China, so ties in perfectly with our Humanities topic this term, which is The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China.  Our Art will also be linked to China.


We have started to look at the work of the church world wide, and talked about Christian Aid on Friday.  The class had some time to look at their website, but were keen to look further at home.  Here's the link:


*** Emerald Class assembly will be on Thursday 4th May at 2:30pm.  We would love as many of you as possible to come along and see it! ***


These will be updated weekly, so please check here if you're not sure what your child should be doing at home.



Maths Set B:


Homework set during w/c 24/4/17, due to be completed by Tuesday 2/5/17

Tables practice - complete the reverse side of your tables test (which children will bring home on Thursday) and bring this into school with you on Tuesday 2nd May.

Mathletics - there are a few questions on Roman numerals, to link with the work we are doing in class this week.  These need to be completed by Tuesday 2nd May, too.  If you have any problems with this, I will help you at Maths Clinic on Monday lunchtime.


Ongoing tables practice is really important, up to 12 x 12.   All children are working through learning these at their own rate and should be aiming to increase their confidence and accuracy little by little throughout the year.  Once your child knows all of these they can work on speed, division facts, using tables facts with decimals, multiples of 10, etc.  Tables tests will be held on a Thursday and sent home so children can see which facts they need to practise during the week. The completed tables practice (the reverse side of the test sheet) needs to be returned to me on the following Monday


Here's a link to some online times tables games, to make practice more fun:  If you find any great games or apps that help with practice, please let me know and I can share them with the rest of the class.


'Math Bingo' is a fun app which is available for iPhone/ iPad and android devices.  It tests a combination of skills and doesn't include a timer (which some children can find off putting).  There are various levels of difficulty and fun follow-on games you can play with the 'bugs' you win.


We have also found out how useful number bonds to 20 are, even when working with  larger numbers.  Some children still need to become more confident with these, especially subtraction facts (eg if you know 4+8=12, then 12-8=4 and 12-4=8, etc).  Any practise on these will help them be more confident and accurate.


Here's a link to some online games to practise all these key maths skills:


The children have been given their Mathletics user names and passwords.  They should continue to make use of this valuable resource at home.  Most weeks I will set the children a few activities on Mathletics, to reinforce what we have been learning in class.


English Set B:

Spellings will be sent home on a Tuesday and tested the following Monday.  Please help your child to practise these daily if possible - little and often is the best way to learn them.  The majority of the children are finding the 'useful' or 'tricky' words the hardest to learn.  Unfortunately, these tend to be some of the more commonly used words, so spelling them correctly is really important.  We will be spending more class time trying different ways of learning these, but there is no substitute for putting in the time and effort at home.  Children learn in different ways, so here is a link to some ideas of ways to help them learn these difficult but important words at home.  Your support with this is much appreciated, and will greatly benefit your child now and in the future.


Spellings for w/c 24/4/17 are as follows, and will be tested on Tuesday 2nd May 2017:

ch making a 'sh' sound (French origin words) or a 'ck' sound (Greek origine words)

chef, machine, brochure, parachute, chalet

echo, character, chemist, anchor, stomach


Tricky words

The children are selecting three to learn from their personalised lists.


Star spelling group - 'u-e' words

blue, June, tune, tube, rude


The children will also bring home an activity sheet related to their spellings, which needs to be completed and brought back to school by Tuesday 2nd May 2017.


Spellings will usually be a mixture of common words the children need to know how to spell at this stage, and words which follow a specific spelling pattern.  If your child learns the words quickly then they can collect more words which use the same spelling pattern.  This will help them be able to spell a wider range of words as they encounter them, by applying spelling rules that they have learned.  Some children find they do well when tested on the spelling pattern words, but the other words were harder to spell.  If your child finds this is the case, please help them to focus their time on the words they find harder to spell.




PE is on a Tuesday and a Thursday.  Children need PE kit in school for these days.  Tuesday is outdoor PE, so if they want to bring additional warmer clothing for this during the colder weather, please do so (named, of course!).


Please continue to read with your child every day, if possible.  Even fluent readers benefit from the chance to talk about what they've read and share their books with an adult.  I'll be looking at their reading records each week to encourage them to keep reading at home The children will now be able to achieve awards in celebration assemblies for the number of times they read with an adult at home (or read independently and talk about it with an adult), so please continue to encourage your children to read and talk to you about their books at home, and sign their reading record book to communicate this with us.  I will be checking the children's reading records on a FRIDAY, and from here will be able to put children forward for reading awards.  The first award is for 25 points (we are starting counting from January) so some children are ready to receive their first award!  Keep reading! 



Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Pictures from Science week - Year 5 are investigating forces.

We have now finished studying Holes, but are really proud of the different genres of writing we have produced in response to this text.