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Year 4 – Onyx

Keep Calm, it's the last term!


Already we are on the last term of this academic year!


We still have lots of work to fit into these last 7 weeks before you all go off into Year 5!


In Writing this term, we are looking at two new picture books. These will allow the children to create their own narratives to the stories and think about how they can edit and improve their own work.


In Geography and History, we will be continuing to look at Ditton on the map and its history. Hopefully, if the weather stays nice we will be going on a short tour of Ditton so that the children can identify key landmarks around Ditton which they will then be able to show on a map that they will be creating.


I would like to say a big well done to all of the children that completed their models of St Peter's Church before half term. They were all fantastic. I hope to have all of the photos on here as soon as possible.




Creating picographs with Haribos

Term 4 -


We are almost half way through Year 4 already! However we still have a lot more to pack into these last few months.


We will be continuing our topic on Africa and studying Ancient Benin in History.


Our new book for Writing is Journey to Jo'burg, written by Beverley Naidoo. This is a story of love, commitment and family against the background of South Africa's apartheid.


Some important dates to remember this term:


28th February - Last day of swimming


9th March - Onyx Class assembly - 2.30pm (parents invited to attend)


22nd March - Year 4 trip to The Lion King




Making pizza using fractions

Well done to everyone who brought in their multiplication board games. I was so impressed by your inventive ideas and as the weather is getting worse and wet break times are inevitably on their way, we now have lots of new and exciting board games to play with! Look below for some pictures of our board games in use.



Designing our own board games

Designing our own board games 1
Designing our own board games 2
Designing our own board games 3
Designing our own board games 4
Designing our own board games 5
Designing our own board games 6
Designing our own board games 7
Designing our own board games 8
Designing our own board games 9

Science Week!

Still image for this video
This week Onyx class have been investigating how sounds are made and how we can change the volume and pitch of a sound. At the end of the week the children made instruments that they thought Beowulf could use to warn Heorot that Grendel was coming. Watch the video below to see some of the fun!

Making our Viking bread

Making our Viking bread 1
Making our Viking bread 2
Making our Viking bread 3
Making our Viking bread 4
Making our Viking bread 5

Welcome to Onyx!