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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Ditton Church of England Junior School

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs A Smith– Headteacher

Mrs P Gamble – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs K Moon - Assistant Headteacher

Mr R Payne – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs K Clancy - Phase Leader Yr5/6

Mrs K Gillard – Inclusion Manager/SENCO

Mrs A Stevens – Office Manager


Teaching Staff


Year 3 - 3KM - Mrs K Moon

Year 3 - 3LN - Miss L Nazer 


Year 4 - 4AB – Miss A Baker

Year 4 - 4RT - Miss R Taylor


Year 5 - 5KC - Mrs K Clancy 

Year 5 - 5AG - Mrs A Gosling 


Year 6 - 6RP - Mr R Payne 

Year 6 - 6KS - Mrs K Stapleton 


Mrs K Gillard – Inclusion Manager/SENCO


Learning Support Assistants/Higher Level Teaching Asst


Mrs K Dennison (HLTA)

Miss M Lowery (HLTA)

Miss L Williams (HLTA)

Mrs L Barr

Mrs B Bath

Mrs W Caley

Mrs O Carruthers

Mrs J Couchman

Mrs T Fisher

Ms K Howson

Mrs L McKean

Miss P Niblett West

Miss H Simpson

Mrs C Smith

Mrs E Thomas



School Office


Mrs A Stevens – Office Manager

Mrs C Bray – Admin Assistant

Mrs J Bryant - Admin Assistant

Mrs T Martin – Attendance Officer 


Midday Meals Supervisors


Mrs G Wood (Senior Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs A Armelini

Mrs K Bartholomew

Mrs D Derry

Mrs J Gould

Mrs T Wigman


Cleaning and Premises


Mrs D Bartholomew – Cleaner

Mr N Lettington - Site Manager