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We are Vikings!




This term Pearl class has started to learn about Vikings. We have been reading the book Beowulf as a class and we have been taking it in turns to read to the rest of the class. It has been fantastic to hear all of our amazing readers.                                                                      

 We have also been experiencing what it was like to be a Viking, We have spent time outside creating pretend fires to share Viking stories and created Viking boats from a paper template. That proved to be quite a challenge but the pictures show that it was a great success!  Just as Pearl class thought that was it for the fun... we surprised them with the opportunity to make ‘Viking bread’. We had great fun creating lots of mess and getting sticky with the mixture. We even had our own Mary Berry teaching us how to make this bread.. (Yes this was Mrs Smith).  The best part was eating it covered in honey.  It was so good that everyone took the recipe home!

Our pretend camp fires

Viking boats

This week Pearl class have been exploring the senses. They have looked at the differences between life now and back in Viking times . Today we went exploring on the playground to use our 5 senses.  Some of the children decided to try tasting leaves and brick…(Only pretending of course). After we came back into class we discussed what we saw using amazing describing words and super sentences.  This is all in preparation for writing letters as Beowulf as he sails to save the villagers from Grendel. Here are some photos of Pearl class exploring.

This week we have been looking at conversations between the main characters in our class book Beowulf and Grendel. We have been taking it in turns hot-seating our ideas and acting them out in class. We have been writing different ways of retelling the story using speech punctuation and Mr Worth came in on Wednesday to see our amazing efforts! Look at us using dictionaries and even a thesaurus to help with our writing!
Here we are creating our charcoal sketching of a Viking longboat! It was a very messy afternoon.
This week Pearl Class have linked our work on Vikings with science week. We have been creating instruments that we think Beowulf would use. On our science page you can see pictures as well as a video of us exploring sound and creating our instruments. Below are pictures of Pearl Class dressed as Vikings with the instruments that we created. We had lots of fun. I even set a competition to win a prize, the pictures  of the winners are on the achievements page.