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Sports Premium Statement 2017-18

Pleas click on the document below for our Sports Premium Statement 


Ditton C of E Junior School
Primary PE & Sport Premium – Academic Year 2016 to 2017

Amount of premium received: £9075

How has it been spent (or will be spent):

  • To replenish all equipment and resources needed to provide a varied PE/Games curriculum as well as after school activities.

  • To increase the provision of extra-curricular sports club within all year groups throughout the school to ensure the engagement of more pupils in regular physical activity.

  • To provide opportunities for training TA’s and teaching staff to deliver extra-curricular clubs.

  • To provide more opportunities to participate in inter/intra sports competitions by buying into ‘District Sports’.

  • To enable ‘Sports Safe’ to provide gym equipment inspection to ensure that all equipment in the school meets the health and safety requirements.

Impact on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment:

  • All aspects of the curriculum delivered effectively due to correct resources being available.

  • More children participating in PE and sport and all children achieving the 2hr a week government target of active participation.

  • Increase in participation and success in competitive school sports.

  • All children given the opportunity to learn to swim at the local leisure centre.

  • All PE equipment in the school inspected and kept safe to enable teachers to deliver high quality lessons.

How will the improvement be sustainable in the future?

  • To keep an on-going audit of all the PE equipment and replenish when needed. Furthermore we have continued to increase the resources available to the children

  • To ensure that there is a minimum amount and variation of clubs offered each term to the children at the school.

  • To ensure that there is at least one inter/intra sports activity offered per term.

  • To continue to ensure that all pupils within the school are given the opportunity to learn and enhance their swimming skills.

  • To continue to ensure that the sports equipment is checked and inspected every year.


    How is our use of the premium giving pupils the opportunity to develop a healthy, active lifestyle?


    At our school we are aiming that all children are given the opportunity to participate in at least 2 hours of quality PE and sport on a weekly basis with the opportunity of all children participating in an addition hour of extra-curricular PE and sport. The money is being used in different ways to ensure that we can achieve this target. We have extended the opportunity for children to participate in additional after school clubs, organised by fully qualified practitioners