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Reading rollercoaster challenge


Pearl class have been set a challenge to read at least a few pages of an evening at home it dose not matter how long they read for. It is now part of their homework to read at least 3 pages of their school reading book and then have it recorded in their reading record book by an adult. This is then checked by Miss Simpson the next day and marked as having read in the class record book, after 25 reads weekend reads are only classed as one read to make it more of a challenge. we have a chart on a wall in the class room where each pupil receives a rollercoaster cart for completing each stage.

They will be rewarded for the following

10 reads- a certificate.

25 reads - a certificate and a pencil or rubber. 

50 reads - a certificate, a pencil and key ring or rubber.

100 reads - a certificate and a extra special prize.


Photos of each achievement will then be posted on here for you all to see.




100 Reads +

50 Reads

50 Reads 1