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This page is to show off our class' achievements. This will generally be afternoon tea, star of the week, celebration assembly and awards given outside of school. This will also be recognition for anything extraordinary.  So stay tuned as it will be updated each week.


star of the week

Random acts of kindness


This term we have been discussing kindness and friendship. We have been encouraging Pearl class to look after each other. Along with this we decided to display their "random acts of kindness" on our class page.

To start this off, we had Molly who kindly gave her cake money to another pupil because they didn't have money for a cake. Then Hannah, who spends her lunch times checking up on other pupils and helping them if they feel sad or are on their own. She then helps them find a friend to play with and thinks of things they can do!!

finally,  before Easter half term we had Tate who brought in Easter cakes for the whole class!! Thanks Tate they were delicious.

We have had such a brilliant first week back in pearl class. Miss Williams came to tell us that Daniel had found some money on the floor and handed it in! We were shocked as he didn't point out what he had done to us. Then at the end of the week a few members of the class looked after another member who was upset, they went and got Miss Simpson and then spent their lunch time cheering up the person who was upset. They are; Molly, Tate, Rebecca, Evie, Josh W, Frazer Nathan.

Finlay has also been awarded for his act of kindness, Isla is currently on crutches and he has gone above and beyond to help her and make sure she is comfortable.  


Afternoon Tea


Every Friday someone is chosen to take Dexter home, they are given a note book to record Dexter's experience for the weekend.

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