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Homework this week, due 26/4/17, is to research St Peters Church. This can be in the form of slide shows or on paper with pictures ect be as creative as you wish. Below are some things you could find out about:

  • When was the Church built?
  • How many Vicars has the Church had?
  • Who is the Vicar now?
  • What was it before it was a Church

These are only a few ideas please find more out. Below is a link for search results in google.



Mrs Goslings maths group : Practice times tables up to 12x.



As we now have two challenges running in school, we have the Accelerated Reading challenge that the whole school are doing And the Rollercoaster Reading challenge that pearl class are doing. So reading every evening is important, we understand that a lot of children have other activities after school but reading can be done anywhere, it is not needed for them to be listened to but as long as it is written and signed by an adult in their reading record book.