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This term we have many different things running a few are still the same from last term.




This term we are still continuing with our rollercoaster reading challenge. As most of you probably already know, it is 10 reads for a certificate , 25 reads for a certificate and a prize, 50 reads for a certificate and an even better prize and added on as some have already completed 50 reads, 100 reads a certificate and an even bigger prize. Once reached to 25 reads, weekend reads will not be counted towards the next step to make it more of a challenge.



In Mrs Gosling's maths group we are tackling our times tables We have a challenge running for the children to learn their times tables. This challenge is Times Table Tea Cups and once each person has learnt their times table they move onto the next one, The first person to reach 12 times table cup wins a prize.


Star of the week

Each week Mrs Gosling and Mrs Smith choose a pupil for star of the week, this will be anyone who tries exceptionally hard and produces outstanding work.

Star of the week