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Work for 2nd March 2018


Good morning all! I hope you have been having lots of fun in the snow but making sure you've been keeping warm too. 


Here is a bit of work I would like you to complete today.


English - I would like you to write a piece of descriptive writing about what you can see outside your window. Think about how you could use adjectives, similes and metaphors to describe the snow and other sights. Also try and include the five senses into your work. It doesn't need to be pages long, just include lots of description!


Maths - I have set you some Mathletics tasks to complete. These are based on mental addition skills and multiplication skills. 




Miss Taylor



Newsletter - Term 3

Term One


Below are some examples of the fantastic front covers from the pupils of 4RT. These were designed for their stories, which were about Beowulf and his encounter with the monster Grendel.


Keep checking the page as we will be uploading examples of our frightening stories too!

Some front covers for our 'Beowulf and Grendel' strories.