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In Computing this term we have been looking at how we give instructions to robots. The children used the robotic cars in Computing this lesson (13.3.18), they gave the cars instructions to make it around the perimeter of their tables.

Snow Day Work - 2.3.18

Hello 4AB, I hope you have been having lots of fun in the snow!


Please see below some tasks that I would like you to complete today;

English: Please complete some descriptive writing about what you can see outside your window or alternatively if you go out somewhere today, record some ideas about what you can see, feel and touch. Remember to use examples of 'show not tell' I am not asking for pages, just a paragraph of high quality descriptive writing.


Maths: I have set some Mathletics work online, we should have been working on time this week so the tasks will be relevant to that, however do not panic if you struggle, as we will be going back over time next week.


Enjoy the snow, stay safe and warm!


Have a nice weekend, and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!



Newsletter - Term 3

Newspaper Reports!

The children in 4AB have been working exceptionally hard this week on understanding the features of Newspaper reports and writing their own newspaper reports. Today (1.2.18) the children acted out the newspaper report they had written this week about Zoe (character from our Floodland text) going missing. In the children's newspaper reports they included interviews with Zoe's parents, and witnesses from the scene.

Please see below some images of the children acting out their newspaper reports.


Our Anglo Saxon Day - At Kent Life

The children had a fantastic time at Kent Life, developing and sharing their knowledge about the Anglo Saxons. The children participated in a number of different workshops with enabled them to increase their knowledge of Anglo Saxon life, meet and learn about the farm animals that the Anglo Saxons had, meet King Alfred the Great, spin some yarn and play some tradition Anglo Saxon games.

Please see below some images of our time at Kent Life, I'm sure the children have told you all about it!

Maths Games

The children have worked exceptionally hard during half term to create their maths game. I am extremely impressed with what they have created. The children enjoyed explaining and playing their games with their friends. The games will be kept in school and used during wet play times and during some maths lessons. Thank you all for your support with the children's homework.


This term our topic is Sound.

The children have been learning about pitch and have been measuring pitch in different instruments, and how you can change the pitch from high to low.

Making Music! - Thank you for all your donations of cardboard to help the children with their project.

Exploring Pitch

Exploring Pitch 1
Exploring Pitch 2
Exploring Pitch 3
Exploring Pitch 4
Exploring Pitch 5
Exploring Pitch 6
Exploring Pitch 7

Term 1

The children have all worked incredibly hard this term and have all produced some fantastic work across all subjects.

Please feel free to come in and have a look at our class displays to see what the children have been up to.

I'd like to thank you all for your support towards the children's homework, I am extremely impressed with the work children are producing in their homework books each week. Please take a look at the pictures of some of the children's  'Beowulf' front cover homework.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5