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SNOW DAY WORK - Fri 2nd March 2018


For English can the children please find out some facts about Factory Farming and then Organic Farming to support their learning in our work about the scarecrow. The children should aim to find a least 5 for each.


For maths please can the children use a ruler and measure the following objects accurately using cm and mm.

* The length of their reading book

*The length of the hand controller for the TV

*The length of the pencil that they are using right now

*The width of their glove from little finger to thumb

*The width of a photo frame

* The depth of the deepest part of the snow in the garden

* The length of their pencil case

* The length of an icicle

* The height of a glass

* The width of the letterbox on the front door


Thank you and make sure that you all take care in the snow.





Newsletter - Term 3

Welcome to 3KM. During the Autumn Term 1, in English, the children studied the Window by Jeannie Baker. This text allowed the children to explore the ever-changing world that they live in. This book was presented in picture form, therefore this enabled the children to interpret the images using their own imaginations. For home learning they produced some excellent collages of the view from their own bedroom windows.


In our maths lessons we focused on reinforcing place value. Throughout this term the children explored many aspects of this topic including; ordering and rounding numbers, odd and even numbers, sequences, more than and less than, partitioning and reading and writing numbers in digits and words. This will provide the children of a solid understanding of number which will benefit them in all other areas of maths to come.